Weekly Indie Devlog #5 - CW12, 2024

Weekly Indie Devlog #5 - CW12, 2024

WearSocials QR-Code data edit dialog & code display mode

Hey, welcome to another indie devlog from me. Let's dive right into this last week's small scope of changes for my projects:

  • WearSocials - Support full edit dialog for data types (QR-Code)

  • WearSocials - Support for more display types


There's no news about Elcovia, but I was quite happy to see many new Notion templates being published. That's some progress on the side of having trust from Notion template creators for my marketplace.

Here's a screenshot of some of the recent Notion templates:


I was only able to work on two small tasks last week because I attended a workshop abroad, which left me with no free time in the evenings.

I made progress on enhancing the edit feature. Before, you could only change the title, description, reminder, and expiration date of a code, but not the code-specific details. Now, you can edit all the information specific to the QR code's data type. When you change any code-specific data, the QR code is updated to reflect the new data. This means if you need to update a contact address, a URL, or an email template, you can now easily edit it instead of having to delete and create a new code.

The second change is relatively minor, but it could be useful. Previously, codes could only be displayed in a list or grid format. Now, I've added two more display modes. Instead of just displaying the codes in a list or grid, they can now be displayed with a large, scannable image code on a full-screen page that can be swiped through vertically or horizontally. This allows codes to be ready for display and scanning almost instantly upon opening the app.

Next Up

  • WearSocials: Another Wear-OS app submission

  • WearSocials: App release with bug fixes & small improvements, including improved code-sharing options.

  • Another Pinterest Standard access tier submission

  • Investigating Pinterest workaround via secret board

  • Perhaps support for Pinterest pin data creation in the admin panel for manual sharing on Pinterest.

That's it. See you next time!

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