WearSocials 2.0

WearSocials 2.0

WearSocials turned into a Code-Wallet App

Scan, store, manage, view, share —the best code wallet out there.

In late 2023, Facundo Holzmeister, aka HowToMen on YouTube, announced plans to feature WearSocials in his Top 20 Best Android Apps 2024 video.

He expressed his fondness for the app and suggested enhancements. Initially, WearSocials (1.0) focused solely on displaying links on smart devices.

Responding to Facundo’s feedback, WearSocials Version 2.0 now supports a wider range of codes and data types, evolving into a versatile code wallet for managing and showcasing codes at events, festivals, parties, and more.

YouTube Video by HowToMen. Read about WearSocials 1.0 here.

Dive into the details of our latest features and enhancements below.

WearSocials 2.0

  • Beyond just QR Codes, our app now embraces a comprehensive array of data formats! Experience seamless integration with Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, Data Matrix, EAN-13, EAN-8, ITF, QR Code, UPC-A, UPC-E, PDF 417, Aztec, RSS 14, Maxicode, RSS Expanded, and UPC/EAN Extension.

  • Elevate your experience beyond mere URLs! Our system now adeptly supports a wide spectrum of data types, including Contact Information, Email, ISBN, Product, SMS, Text, URL, Wi-Fi, GEO, Calendar, Event Driver, License, and specific code values.

  • Introducing a reminder system for your codes. Effortlessly set up tailored notifications to access your codes with a single click, precisely timed to your chosen date and time.

  • Gain control over your codes’ lifespan. Define expiration dates for each code, ensuring they are systematically separated from active ones and excluded from the Wear-OS App and Widgets upon expiration. Ideal for managing time-sensitive items like entry tickets, party passes, and festival access.

  • Share any form of data seamlessly with WearSocials to generate a code. Automatically integrate codes from shared images or PDFs, streamlining your data-sharing process.

  • Simplify your code generation with the ability to upload images and PDFs directly into WearSocials, automatically embedding codes for immediate use.

  • Encounter a code? Instantly scan and access it through WearSocials, bringing convenience to your fingertips.

  • Discover our sleek, new UI, distinctively separating the Wear-OS section for optimized code management. This refined interface allows for effortless viewing and the addition of new codes, enhancing your overall user experience.

WearSocials Wear-OS 2.0

In the latest update of the Wear-OS app, each code now prominently displays its respective data type. For URLs, this includes the display of the website’s favicon for easy recognition. Alongside, you can readily identify the format of each code.

At the core of the display is the code itself, accompanied by a customizable title, enhancing both clarity and personalization.

Furthermore, the updated Wear-OS app boasts enhanced support for rotary input, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience.

Examples for contact information, URL, and an event ticket.

Check out these amazing photos of WearSocials 1.0, Courtesy of HowToMen.

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