About Me

As a Senior Android Developer at Lufthansa Group and an indie developer, I specialize in creating beautiful and user-friendly mobile and web applications.

My portfolio includes diverse projects like Elcovia and WearSocials , reflecting my passion for technology, coding and open-source contribution.


  • Over 1,800 stars for Open-Source libraries on GitHub & Google Dev Library Author
  • 9+ years or Android Development
  • 1,5 years of Web Development
  • Over 15+ apps, Over 1 million total installs, average rating of 4.4/5

Technical Expertise

Languages & Technologies

  • Proficient in Kotlin, Java, React, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Expertise in Android SDK, Google Play Services, Firebase stack, Jetpack libraries, Compose, Coroutines, Hilt, Dagger2, and more.
  • Frameworks & APIs: Extensive experience with Android Wear, library development, Google APIs, Spotify API, Fitbit API, ML-Kit, and image loading libraries like Picasso, Glide, Coil.
  • Development Tools: Skilled in Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Maven, Gradle, Visual Studio Code, and collaboration tools like Jira and Linear.

Design & Media Production

  • Design: Figma, Adobe Illustrator
  • Photography: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Video Editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • 3D: Blender for 3D modeling, Cura for 3D printing (Basics)


An avid photographer, capturing moments from Bali's rice fields to Java's Ijen crater and Mount Bromo, showcasing my travels and experiences.