Weekly Indie Devlog #9 - CW21, 2024

Weekly Indie Devlog #9 - CW21, 2024

Lots of WearSocials updates

Three weeks just passed like this - in such a short time. I've had a lot of personal things to deal with such as health, work life and misc. It's not much but today's indie dev log is mostly visual and catches up with my progress in the little spare time of the last weeks. There's a small catch though - I will focus only on WearSocials. But with the next Indie Devlog, be prepared to read about a new project! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


New Icon

I created a new app icon for WearSocials. The reason for this change is simple - the previous WearSocials app icon was made quickly and without much thought. It also included the LinkedIn and Instagram logos, which should be avoided for legal reasons. I designed a new icon inspired by QR codes and wallets, which will now represent the WearSocials app.

I've already received some feedback - users love it. For Pixel users, it now also supports themed app icons, as all apps should.

What do you think about it? ๐Ÿ˜„

New Play Store Screenshots

While updating the app icon, I also created some eye-catching screenshots for the app listing on the Google Play Store. I prefer these over the previous boring and outdated screenshots. Is it too flashy, or still alright? Go check it out on the Google Play Store.. ๐Ÿค™

Improved View-Code Screen

This is actually a change I made earlier but haven't reported yet. Along with the new Social Overlay Icons, the screen now looks sleeker and more minimalist.

Improved Actions Bottom Sheet

A minor change was also made to the actions bottom sheet for each viewed code (on the previously mentioned screen). Based on the code, data type, and format, various actions are available and displayed in a grid. Previously, it was hard to differentiate and read them. They were also part of the view code screen, which looked bad when sharing the rendered image with others. Now, everything is in one place with a slightly different but easier-to-spot look. Like the code screen, the colors depend on the code's color and the system's MD3 color.

Add Code Bottom Sheet

Let's move on to another bottom sheet, now located on the codes/ home screen. When you click "+" to add a new code, instead of a small dialog, a full-screen bottom sheet will show all available codes that can be created. More types will be added in the future. The descriptions of each type are now visible, giving users a better understanding of what each type does and allows them to do. This bottom sheet also replaces the previous Add-code screen.

Search Bar Functionality

I created a custom FAB button that transforms into a SearchBar for live filtering of available codes based on the user's search queries. The button only appears once the user has a dozen codes, making it challenging to locate a specific code.

Fix share content

There was a minor bug where a text/plain intent was not processed correctly, preventing the code creation flow in WearSocials. This has now been fixed- the dialog will appear, and the content can be added to WearSocials.

Next Up

  • Elcovia-Web Updates

  • Elcovia-App for Android (Presentation + Release) โœŒ๏ธ

That's it. See you next time!

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