Weekly Indie Devlog #7 - CW17, 2024

Weekly Indie Devlog #7 - CW17, 2024

New platform buttons for Elcovia, YouTubers showcasing WearSocials, Navigation refactoring, Import & Export

Weeks are flying by... with that excuse, let's continue with a new devlog! This one needs to make up for the ones we skipped - and it does!


YouTubers showcasing WearSocials

Oh my! In the past two weeks, I was thrilled to see that WearSocials has caught the attention of quite a few YouTubers. I wrote some separate articles for the news series, but to mention it briefly, - YouTubers like Konyinsola Osinubi, Matt Robb, and AmaanCG showcased my app to their audiences! Go and check out their videos. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Import & Export Functionality

One new premium feature has been added. Premium users can now export all their codes as a CSV file. You can also import many codes at once using the import CSV functionality. For both actions, I've added the option to download and view a template CSV file to ensure the process runs smoothly and without any issues.

Navigation Refactoring

If you have a tech background, especially in Android, you might be surprised to learn that I wasn't using Jetpack Navigation in WearSocials. Initially, I wanted to move quickly with this learning project for Wear-OS, and since the main phone app only needed 2 or 3 screens, I used conditional rendering of composables.

As time went on, WearSocials expanded significantly, and the phone version evolved into a full-fledged app with much more functionality, even challenging and, in my opinion, surpassing QR-Code apps on the Google Play Store. It now includes many more flows and screens, making it necessary to switch to a better navigation system. This led me back to using Jetpack Navigation. By doing so, I was able to eliminate some activities, making the app a single-activity application again. You'll also notice a slight, smooth transition when navigating through the app.

Wear-OS release accepted

I've been submitting releases frequently in recent months, and just now, one of my latest submissions was accepted again. Oddly enough, I don't know what resolved the issue for the Google Play Review team to accept it, as I didn't make any changes related to Wear-OS synchronization in the version that was accepted. This gives me a sense, that the review team randomly accepts and rejects new releases. ๐Ÿ˜…


Beautiful buttons

I wasn't a fan of the previous buttons on Elcovia because they didn't stand out enough. They were black and white, too generic, and easy to overlook when scrolling through the Notion template product page. Here's the updated design, which incorporates the branding of the supported third-party platforms.

Here's how the Gumroad external platform button would look. It's pretty catchy now, isn't it? ๐Ÿ”ฅ

And here's how the other 3rd party platforms compare.

If it's available on Elcovia, whether free or paid, it will still be in a black-and-white design.

Next Up

  • WearSocials: Social Network Icons Overlays for QR-Codes

  • WearSocials: Use bottom sheet to add new codes

That's it. See you next time!

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